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Our Fleet

​Creating a modern, luxury East Coast vibe for all who seek our way of life.

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Introducing: Reverie

a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

New to the Halifax waterfront Summer 2022! Our catamaran showcases the best of French catamaran design.


  • spacious and creative interior and exterior layouts offer guests pure comfort.

  • relaxation awaits all over this catamaran: on the deck in the protected aft cockpit, in the front cockpit, on the foredeck chill space, or in our panoramic flybridge lounge.

  • inside and outside spaces harmonize perfectly and are connected by a large sliding door.

  • rear steps on the wide stern's transom make it easy to get on- and off-board 

  • our ocean-worthy vessel's two conical hulls contribute to its impressive appearance both dockside, and under sail.


Our Flagship Yacht: J Farwell

Whatever angle you take, our Beneteau Oceanis 45 is a beautiful sailing yacht. A very well-proportioned cruiser, she leaves in her wake some very fine performances. Built in 2017, this vessel brings luxury yacht sailing to Halifax for tours, private charters, and full day adventures.

NAVAL ARCHITECT : Finot - Conq et associés



  • Large lengthwise fitted galley

  • Two bathrooms

  • Comfortable gently sloping 45 degree companionway

  • Mobile seats

  • Large amount of glazing: 9 flush deck hatches, 2 long plexiglass on roof and 2 companionway plexiglass (more light and less heat), 6 hull very large portholes for sea view, door ad companionway hatch glazes.

  • Solid teak decking

  • Visit the Beneteau website to take a virtual tour.

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